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                                                                                         My Leica

The Corn Palace, 127K gif file

Cactus flower, 133K gif file

Desert tortoise, 124K gif file

Old Faithful, 89K gif file

Yellowstone River, 167K gif 

Southern Utah, 146K gif file

Needle's Eye Rock, 153K gif 

Hardwood tree, 153K gif file

Zion's Park, 162 gif file

Boa constrictor, 170K jpg file

A. B. Sheldon, 130K jpg file

Big George, 190K jpg file

The Bok Tower, 297K gif file

Sunset, 144K gif file

Flamingo Pool, 416K gif

Exotic Lily, 127K gif file

Camilo Pasqual, 428K gif

Pinwheel, 330K gif file

Calico cat, 111K jpeg file

 Humming bird, 103K jpeg file

Mt. Rushmore, 260K jpeg file

Jack in The Pulpit, 299K gif

King Tut's throne, 286K gif

Washington's Face, 422K gif