Old Pictures

This page contains links to some old pictures I took many years ago, mostly in the late 1950's and early 1960's, all on Kodachrome slides which I have recently scanned. Unfortunately, most of these slides were soon mounted in glass mounts, which at that time was considered to be the best way to preserve them. But I found to my dismay, many years later, that the glass mounts simply facilitated the growth of fungi and other microorganisms on the emulsion of the slides, due partly, no doubt, to the high humidity in Minnesota, where I lived and stored the slides for about 20 years. I have made some small attempts to re-touch some of the images, a few of which have been posted elsewhere on this site, but I have not the time to do the really good job that I would wish to do at this writing and so the viewer will see many examples of black spots on many of the images. Nevertheless, I wanted to post these images to demonstrate what I was doing with photography in those days, using mostly my Leica M3, (a small number with an Alpa 6C) with its strictly manual settings, no light meter, and only Kodak's published recommendations along with my experience for exposure results.

Alpa Outfit    Alpa 360 lens     Alpa Close-up Outfit    Amethyst Crystals     Asbestos     Aunt Leona    Baby Kitten     Badlands    Big George    Carol     

Cave     Chalmers Topaz     Easter Lily     Fall in Minnesota     More Fall in Minnesota     Geese      Gecko      Hibiscus      Hokah Bluebells     My Sports Car

A Minnesota Lake    Mount Rushmore    Northern Lights      Orchid      Pin Head      Pumpkin     Salt      XPO 67     Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Morning Glory Pool      Steve      Skiing at Cypress      Submarine      Swan      The Grotto      Violet      Washington, D.C.      Wild Mouse