For those folks who wish to drive into Nine Mile Canyon, the place to start is where the canyon road begins. This sign is posted on the west side of the turnoff of highway 6 just past the Chevron station at the far eastern edge of Wellington, Utah. The kiosk here gives some good information about the canyon and the things to see there. If a visitor has a GPS unit in the vehicle, it can be used to find almost everything that might be of interest by using the coordinates given in the book 'Horned Snakes and Axle Grease'. But if no GPS unit is available or if the book is not available, I suggest that your odometer be reset to zero here so that other locations described in this web site can be more easily found. It is about 21 1/2 miles from here to the first important location, the Minnie Maud bridge. At that bridge, you should reset your odometer to zero.