OWL panel

The Owl panel is betweern 3.1 and 3.5 miles from Argyle Canyon and is one of the best panels in Nine Mile Canyon. It is not visible from the road, however, and that is likely the reason it does not appear in the Spangler book. If you have reset your odometer at Argyle Canyon, you will have no trouble finding this site because there is a metal sign on the north side of the road that locates the area for parking. There is also a well defined path to begin the hike, but I must caution you to watch for a place to turn to the right off of that main pathway in order to find the panel because the main pathway, which goes in a straight line up the canyon, will take you to the wrong place and you will not find it. When you find the place to turn to the northeast off of the main path, you can walk in a straight line to the panel and it is almost at ground level, a hike of about 210 yards to the eastern cliff wall. There are several metal stakes along the way which point the way with small arrows on their top.