The 2015 Rocket Shoot

The 2015 Rocket Shoot was held on July 3. Although there was no official count, it seems likely that the total number of observers was the largest ever. In addition, we were fortunate to have a visitor from Salt Lake City that brought a drone with him and some of the video that was recorded by this drone is now part of the presentation put together by my son Ben:

2015 Rocket Shoot Presentation

This event was held in honor of my boyhood friend Arnold Milbright, who passed away a few years ago. Arnold was one of four of us boys who built and flew scratch built rockets in the late 1950's. On this day, one rocket, called the AMM CALEDONIA, was designed and built specifically to carry some of Arnold's ashes aloft. His widow, Sue, was present and was given the privilege of triggering the launch of this rocket, which flew well, except that the parachute failed to deploy.

Arnold, we miss you and wish you could still be here when we continue this long-standing tradition.


Photo is of the Patriot, a scale model of a U.S. Army rocket, powered by an Aerotech 'G' motor.