The 2013 Rocket Shoot

The shoot went quite well, despite the fact that it was hot - around 90 degrees when we began and close to 100 by afternoon. Most launches were successful, with a few minor gliches: first, we lost the altimeter when the nose cone fell off the two-stage Zenith II, dumping the atltimeter to land whoo nose wherre, and I still do not have any performance data. Second, the shock cord pulled out of the tube on the bottom section of the scratch built video roc, and because it landed on the road, was damaged on the top where it mates with the payload section. And third, the video camera in the big Patriot was not turned on correctly and recorded nothing, even though the rocket performed as designed. But there was success with the video camera in the video roc and I now have the best video ever, taken from one of my rockets.

      Still pictures ---> Here


      Video ---> Here


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