Laurel's Wedding pictures

Please note:  I have scanned these images at a high resolution, so they may take a while to appear on your screen and download.  Also, I have not had time to do much re-touching of negative scratches and dust specks, so you may have to do some of that yourselves if you want clean prints.

1.  Before the wedding  ( Kodak Royal Gold 1000 film- a bit grainy)

2.  Cutting the Cake

3.  The car  (also shot on RG 1000)

4.  HollySue and Ken

5.  Laurel during the reception

6.  Laurel at the Falck's dinner

7.  Leaving the church

8.  Uncle Mark

9.  Mark and HollySue at the reception

10.  Just married  (RG 1000)

11.  Retta at the reception  (you'll love this one)

12. Retta and friend at the reception  (this one is nice, too)