Erwin Stories

The Great Prehistoric Giant Bull Muek.

About 60 million years ago, there lived in parts of the United States, ( most notably Minnesota and Utah,) a creature known as the Great Prehistoric Giant Bull Muek. Now these things were big, about 17 feet tall and weighing about 17 tons each. And ferocious! It is rumored that they would dig holes in the ground when upset, just because a fly lit on one of their noses, or because the T - Rex they just ate was not as delicious as it should have been. One of these holes survives today in Arizona, about 40 miles east of Flagstaff, known as the Barringer Crater.

Now these Muek lived happily for millions of years until eventually man came along and it quickly became obvious to the Muek that they could not co-exist with man in their natural habitat. Well, the Muek got together and talked it over trying to decide what to do about the problem. Eventually, they could not agree and so, there emerged two factions with different ideas of what to do. One group of Muek decided to build special reserves, far away from man, where they might still reside in their original size and habitat and so they did that. The other group decided to shrink themselves down to a size that would not conflict with humans and thus we have these creatures among us today, not realizing what they originally were like and we and those Muek do co-exist.

Now, if you know where to look, you can still find the Great Prehistoric Giant Bull Muek in their natural state, hiding from humans today. And I can testify that it makes for the very best hunting experience you could ever imagine. You find a deep, dark, damp swamp, so far out in the sticks that the natives shoot at airplanes with bows and arrows. You need hip boots, an elephant gun, a flashlight, and a butterfly net. You wade out into the swamp on a dark night when there is no moon and shine the flashlight around until you spot an eyeball. Then you turn around, shine the flashlight behind you and spot the other eyeball. Then you turn sideways and shoot. Now of course, there are two sides and so if you choose the right side, you scoop up the trophy in your butterfly net and take it home. Of course, if you shoot on the wrong side, well, its just one less Muek hunter..............

Richard Erwin, summer of 2011 (story passed down from his teen days, developed from the one told to him by Charlie Shehan and Al Bisson)