M62 in Ophiuchus is, like M19, considerably distorted from the classic spherical shape of other globulars and like M19, may have been affected by the gravity of the galaxy’s nearby core. Lying a bit closer and being a bit smaller than M19, M62 also spans half the width of the full moon, although like most other globulars, its outer portions can only be seen in moderately large telescopes. M62 possesses an extremely dense core and contains numerous variable stars.

Image taken through moonlight on June 26, 2012, with the C-14 operating at F:3.5 and the ST-8 binned 2 X 2. Exposure is 100 seconds. While showing more stars around the cluster, it is actually overexposed. The image below, taken several years earlier with the 402 camera, is better exposed and reveals more of the cluster core.
Date and exposure information lost but likely taken at F:7 or F:11 with the 402 camera.


Image taken with the 402 camera for the project, summer, 2005?