M75 is one of the more compact, concentrated globulars, classified as class I. Because of this and its distance, larger scopes are required to resolve it into stars. Its angular diameter of 6.6' corresponds to a linear extension of almost 130 light years, and it is of high luminosity, perhaps about 180,000 times that of the Sun. Since it lies between 60,000 and 100,000 light-years from Earth, M75 is one of the more remote of Messier's globular clusters, lying well beyond the Galactic center, from which it is almost 50,000 light years distant. If its actual distance is near the larger number above, it would become the most remote of all.

Image taken September 8, 2012, with the C-14 operating at F:7 and the ST-8 camera binned 2 X 2. Exposure is 5 minutes, self-guided.