Messier 110 is a small ellipitcal galaxy that is a satellite of M31, the Andromeda Galaxy. Thus, it lies at about the same distance as that huge spiral. Because it shows some unusual (for ellipticals) dark structure, it is sometimes classified as a dwarf spheroidal, although M110 is much brighter than typical dwarf spheroids, such as Local Group members NGC 147 and NGC 185. Although given the Messier number of 110, Charles Messier himself did not include this object in his catalog and it was not added to that document until 1966. Messier did, however, discover the galaxy and in 1807 depicted it in his fine drawing of M31, thus justifying the inclusion of M110 in his famous catalog. The mass of M110 is estimated to be between 4 and 15 billion solar masses. Interestingly enough, it does possess a system of 8 globular clusters in orbit around it, the largest of which is of 15th magnitude.

Image taken August 25, 2012, with the C-14 operating at F:3.5 and the ST-8 camera binned 2 X 2. Exposure was 5 minutes.